Charly Widescreen DVD Confirmed!

Over at the Home Theater Forum, Brent Avery has received an early copy of Charly, and he has confirmed that the disc is a flipper disc with a fullscreen transfer on one side, and an anamorphic widescreen transfer on the other side. I would like to thank Christopher Bligh one more time for his efforts to get this film released in it’s OAR.

I have also added an entry to the victories page.

Posted by: Joshua Clinard @ 5:11 pm

Return to the Blue Lagoon not OAR

Columbia Tri-Star released a new Blue Lagoon Double-Feature last week. The problem is, the second disc in the set, Return to the Blue Lagoon, is not in it’s OAR. Sony is quickly becoming one of the worst studio’s in the industry. Show the Studio that it is not a wise decision to release a MAR DVD by boycotting this release.

Posted by: Joshua Clinard @ 12:51 pm

Look Who’s Chopping Up Family Films!

After Sony Pictures released the Karate Kid boxset in it’s OAR last week, I had hope that they would show the same respect for the Look Who’s Talking boxset. They are all family films after all. Well that hope has now come crashing to the ground! All three films in the boxset are unfortunately Full Screen – only. For crying out loud – Sony, the first two films in the series already had a widescreen release. Now you have the audacity to re-release these gems in a chopped up format! It’s ludicrous! You are dumbing down DVD in a major way. Most of the buying public want widescreen, and these sales stats prove it. Why don’t you listen to what the consumers want? Your sales WILL improve if you do. I know that many DVD fans are boycotting all of your DVDs because of your stupid policy. In fact, I know many who are boycotting your home electronics as well! You better quickly change this policy if you want to ever achieve a top selling DVD again. And I definitely will not be switching to Blu-Ray if you cannot treat your standard DVD product right!

Posted by: Joshua Clinard @ 10:46 pm

Fox Movie Channel’s Letterbox Film Schedule

Due to popular demand, Fox Movie Channel has put up a page of Letterbox Films on it’s website, which lists letterbox films that will be shown on it’s movie channel. It’s updated every month, and lists the date and time along with each film. I think this is something that HBO and other movie channels should do.

Posted by: Joshua Clinard @ 5:10 pm

Karate Kid Re-released in Widescreen!

It’s official folks! We can finally cross Karate Kid off the Fullscreen Only DVD List. Karate Kid, along with the three sequals, are being released in a boxset. The set has an in-depth review at Dvdtalk.com, which confirms that all four films are being released in anamorphic widescreen. The set is available today.

Thanks Columbia for finally doing this one right. How about giving the same treatment to some of your other family films?

Posted by: Joshua Clinard @ 2:07 pm

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