New Resources for Widescreen Information!

I recently discovered that several of the links on our what is widescreen page no longer work. I have replaced the dead links with some new resources. Added are Hong Kong Fanatics Intro to Widescreen, Why Widescreen? @ DVDAnswers.com and the Widescreen Information Page at twowiresthin.com

The pages removed include the Atombrain Guide to Letterboxing, and Richard Sliwa’s Harry Potter DVD comparison pages.

Posted by: Joshua Clinard @ 5:12 pm

MGM Widescreen Lawsuit Explained

John Berger, of Widescreen.org, makes some excellent points in this article entitled The Attack on Widescreen – Real or Imagined? about the MGM widescreen lawsuit. Be sure to read the entire thing – it’s quite illuminating.

Posted by: Joshua Clinard @ 11:29 pm

List of Columbia Full Screen Re-issues Updated

I have updated this list of full screen only re-issues of DVDs that Columbia/Tri-Star has previously released in both widescreen and full screen formats. More of these titles continue to be released, and as I find out about them, I will post them. This list will also be linked to from the OAR Watchdog from now on.

Posted by: Joshua Clinard @ 7:00 pm

Studio Contacts Updated!

In light of all the full screen films that are being announced for release this year, I have updated the Studio & Retailer Watchdog. E-mail links and phone numbers have been updated for several of the studios. Please use this resource to send requests for widescreen titles to the studios.

Posted by: Joshua Clinard @ 5:24 pm

DVD Answers Supports Widescreen Advocate!

Malcom Campbell has graciously decided to support Widescreen Advocate at his site, DVD Answers. This is a good source of information and DVD announcements and reviews. If you are looking for a site that updates regularly, this is the one. Please check them out!

Posted by: Joshua Clinard @ 4:51 pm

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