Charly To Be Released in 16×9 Widescreen!

I am now convinced that Charly was delayed so that MGM could prepare a widescreen transfer. DVD Planet and Best Buy both confirm that Charly will be released in Anamorphic Widescreen on March 8th, 2005. Count this as another victory for OAR fans. I would like to thank Christopher Bligh for bringing this matter to the attention to the people who made this happen.

Posted by: Joshua Clinard @ 2:24 pm

Universal Makes A Colossal Mistake!

I was just alerted that Universal Home Video released Colossus: The Forbidden Project in Fullscreen only just last month! With their upcoming release of Iceman this Tuesday, also in Fullscreen only, it seems that Universal is forsaking quality and ignoring a large segment of the market. Do they really think that people shopping at Wal-Mart looking for Fullscreen DVDs will pick up a film like Colossus or Iceman? If this trend continues, then I would say that Universal will soon become just as bad as Columbia.

Posted by: Joshua Clinard @ 1:07 am

Universal Freezes Out Iceman Fans!

I was just notified that Universal Home Video is releasing Iceman on December 28th. Amazon claims it is to be released in Full Screen only. This is just a mere week away, so it’s doubtful that any studio feedback would be effective in getting a re-release. However, I would still encourage those who favor OAR vote with their wallet to send the studio a message that hopefully will be applied to other films. NO OAR = NO SALE!

Posted by: Joshua Clinard @ 3:12 am

Look Who’s Talking Films Will Be Re-released

I’ve just learned from Sony’s Upcoming DVD site that they are re-releasing the 3 Look Who’s Talking films as a boxset on Febuary 1st. The first two films are already available on DVD in Widescreen, but the third film was released in Pan & Scan. Hopefully, this release will not just be a repackaging, but new editions with a widescreen transfer for the final film. Sony has not released any details yet. I will post an update when more information is known.

Posted by: Joshua Clinard @ 12:29 pm

Server Errors Fixed

You may have gotten some internal server errors, or timeouts when trying to access certain pages on the site earlier this week. I recently upgraded my personal site, and I had to change some server settings to make parts of it work. Well some of these changes caused some unforeseen errors with Widescreen Advocate. I have now been able to correct all of the errors. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

My sales tracker script has been reporting a lot of errors lately, but every time I load the page, it displays correctly. I cannot check the page every time the script runs, so if you come across any errors on the page, please send me an e-mail so I can diagnose it. Thank you.

Posted by: Joshua Clinard @ 3:32 pm

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