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Widescreen 101

The following series of articles, entitled Widescreen 101, were written by Randy A. Salas, staff writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Widescreen 101, which ran last summer in the paper, discussed various issues relating to the formatting of film for release on video. The entire series is presented below in it's original form as printed by the Star Tribune. On behalf of Widescreen Advocate, I would like to thank Randy for his effort in educating the mainstream public about the importance of widescreen and oar.

Lesson 1: Are you missing the big picture? Part A | Part B

Lesson 2: Why are some movies 'wider'?

Lesson 3: What is Open Mattte?

Lesson 4: What does 'OAR' mean?

Lesson 5: What is 'anamorphic'?

Lesson 6: How do widescreen TVs work?

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